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What is In23Hours? Do you develop knowledgebase for products?

Yes, we do. We pick random products and develop their Minimum Viable Knowledgebase, primarily for startups. Most of the startups have their priorities as customer acquisition, user onboarding, funnel, metrics, and strategy. Knowledgebase is on a lower priority and we address it at a higher priority.

I see my product listed at In23Hours and I saw its knowledgebase. How I can use it?

Every knowledgebase is available as a public URL and you can just link it to your product. This does not cost you anything. However since it is a minimum viable knowledgebase, it may not be comprehensive though it addresses the basic concerns and questions of its users.

I see a few articles missing from our product's knowledgebase

To complete this knowledgebase is a paid service. Write to us at contact@in23hours.com. and we shall contact you for more details.

I see our knowledgebase listed at In23Hours but I want a custom branding with our custom logo and color scheme that matches our product. Can you help?

For custom branding, we can port it at your own space and then we can keep it or remove it from In23Hours as you want. See an example for how we worked on KarmaCRM knowledgebase., in its own branding. Write to us at contact@in23hours.com. for more details.

Why I see a particular product in a different style with some border around it?

We have grouped the products by calendar months. One product in each month is featured and it always stays at the top for that month. This is a paid service and you can pay USD 15 per month for a featured listing.

Why the name as In23Hours?

We develop a product's minimum viable knowledgebase in less than 23 hours. This does not include enterprise products such as LinkedIn, Skype, or Basecamp. We try to address knowledgebase requirements of startups who have other, higher priorites.

I have a question that is not answered here in this list.

Write to us via email or twitter

Quick Overview of How It Works

If your product's knowledgebase is listed at In23Hours, you can:

  • Direct your customers to the specific knowledgebase URL
  • Contact us and we can complete the knowledgebase
  • Contact us to take the ownership and control of knowledgebase
  • Contact us to remove the knowledgebase from In23Hours (such as if you have developed it yourself inhouse)